/Suit Up

Bespoke, made to measure or ready to wear?

The three concepts are commonly, but mistakenly used interchangeably. Many suit makers work with a catalog of patterns for common sizes and alter it to fit customers. This is a made-to-measure approach. And many also buy ready-to-wear suits off-the-rack.

Bespoke tailoring is the high-end apparel making technique we have specialized in for over 30 years. It speaks of the highest level of customization and care that our craftsmen bring. We work with individual body type, style, comfort levels and preferences to make you a suit that drapes well and reflects your style.

Marian has spent the last 35 years in Qatar learning about the dressing preferences of those who have made Qatar their home and also the trends in Europe which leads the fashion circuit. As a result, heonly caters to making a high quality product and makes customer satisfaction his priority.