History with Qatar

Qatar speaks of accelerated modernization while staying firmly grounded to their faith, which makes it the preferred destination for many. Many of our patrons are classy expats, bureaucrats and Qataris who have great taste in fashion. This dynamic city has been the epitome of hospitality, a tradition we have also been following. Our efforts have been to recognize and cement Qatar’s bid to prominence in the world, and more so the fashion circuit.

In his 40 years of experience crafting suits, 35 have been spent in dressing up the who’s who of this fashion conscious country. We are finally opening our doors to premium customers at the heart of the city — City Centre. We come equipped with the best in fabrics, threads, accessories and craftsmen to custom-make your finest attire.

And for those who have trouble making it to the store, we are now offering the option of ordering your suit online through this website. Men and women can select their preferred fabric, style and input measurements for that custom-fit suit.

Just sign up and get ready to shop. We also have an array of accessories like ties, cuff links and scarves for you to pick from. We have made it simple for you because we value your patronage.

What’s more, with our 25 tailors who are specialized to work on different elements of the garment, there’s no longer a need to wait for weeks to get your suit. We can deliver it to you in 24 hours! And for emergencies we can also have your suit ready in 8 hours!.

The evolution of suits

Men’s formal dressing has undergone a sea of change over decades. While double breasted suits with full cut trousers and tuxedos with tails were quite the statement in the 1930s, the post-WWII era saw the emergence of single-breasted jackets, pleat-free pants, wide lapels and spread collars. Then came the 50s which catered to trim tailored suits with accessories like a hat and pocket square.

The 60s saw flared trousers and flower shirts while the rocking 70s brought leisure suits with floppy collars into fashion. The following decade saw the streets of the West explode with broad-shouldered suits with suspenders and shirts in bold prints and colours.

“Suits are full of joy. They're the sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile.”

Baggy silhouettes and business casuals took over in 1990s which quite simply marked the end of casual dressing. Because with the new millennium men began dressing up with fit, individuality and impact in mind. In the words of Barney Stinson, popular character on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, “Suit up!”

The bespoke suit – a style that exudes class and comfort — is now here to stay.