/For men

We offer our customized services to craft suits, shirts, trousers and tuxedos. In addition, we have a range of accessories like cufflinks, ties, scarves and pocket squares.

Men’s suits range from skinny fits, slim fits, party suits and tweed suits to the classic 3-piece suit and waistcoats. You can shop by fabric type or brand and specify a style you have in mind or let us suggest what would look best on you.

We also have a wide array of fabrics for the Arabic thoub or kandurawhich is worn by Qatari men to honor their culture. The ankle-length robe is a matter of pride for the men and can be custom-made to suit your specific preferences, be it a pure crease-free white kandura during summer and or a colored one for the winter. From simple to extravagant, our tailors cater to your every preference.

You can also choose to get a sports jacket, tuxedo or overcoat made for special occasions.