/The Craft

A craft perfected over 40 years, Marian Tailors W.L.L. stands by styles that exude class. Bespoke suits are no longer an indulgence of just the wealthy. Once you own a custom suit, it is hard to go back to buying readymade. We are trying to make bespoke clothing more accessible. The custom-fit, material and elaborate process make the indulgence worth it. We believe perfection is also in the details. We don’t cut corners with our thread, buttons, cuffs or our hospitality. Come, experience the joy of having a bespoke suit.

The man behind the Craft

Our master tailors follow the high standards set by the founder, Marian, and are trained in using the latest equipment and methods to deliver the finest apparel. From taking accurate measurements to understanding the individual preferences of every customer, our tailors cut no corners.

We have a loyal team of 25 tailors who have been through the rigorous training Marian provides and have perfected their craft over the years. Relax, you are in good hands.