To completing the suit you wear, you must accessorize right. Choose classy over tacky and loud to make that first impression. The rule of thumb is to go dark with subtle flashes of color or use patterns and stripes.

Cuff linksOft-overlooked in recent times-spell panache. Pick one that’s simple and elegant and reflects your character from our selection.

Pocket squarestoo are simply fabrics that can help complete a formal look with a natural and bloom-like shape. Don’t bunch it up in the jacket pocket. Instead, lay the handkerchief on a table and pinch the square in the middle with one hand and raise it. With your free hand, fold the fabric in half and gently insert it into the pocket.

Scarves always add that dash of color to an outfit and can be tied in different styles. Hand printed scarves in silk are best suited for formal attires and have always been a favorite among women.