Why must power dressing be restricted to the special days? The way you dress affects how others see you, and most importantly, how you see yourself. A good suit speaks volumes of your professionalism. We at Marian Tailors W.L.L. believe every day is an opportunity to make an impact.

If it is formal dressing you are looking for, stop picking off-the-rack and explore the option of having a custom-made wardrobe — one with shirts, suits, jackets, vests and tuxedos made especially for you.

Man behind the venture

Marian Antony, is a master craftsman when it comes to suits. With 40 years of experience in the field of apparel-making, his quiet and observant ways guarantee you will get what you are looking for. His extensive experience in Qatar is reflected in the high standards he holds. A self-made man who believes in his skill and ability to understand people, Marian has made a name in bespoke tailoring. He goes to great lengths to tend to the details and provide you with impressive service that those who have passed through his doors will vouch for.